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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


     Waiting is sometimes the hardest thing we have to do as moms. We want different circumstances for our families, but right now isn't always the best time. I'm in the waiting period, and I have been for a little while now. Two months ago I was stressed out, but this summer God has stretched my patience. Whenever I think of what it's been like, all I can think of is those taffy pulling machines at the fair. If you've ever seen one, it's kinda cool to watch. The candymakers start with a big hard blob of taffy. They chuck it up on the arms of the machine and walk away. The taffy puller starts twisting and stretches the taffy, over and over again. The more stretching it does, the softer, more compliant the taffy is. We wouldn't be able, or want, to eat unpulled taffy. It would be too hard to chew and probably take out a few fillings. But, pulled taffy, well, just give me the strawberry flavor, thank you very much. It's super tasty and soft, but chewy. It's very pleasant to eat.

     I don't think anyone would willingly climb up on a taffy machine and ask to be stretched. It hurts to be pulled on. It's uncomfortable. It makes us go in directions we've never been and wouldn't naturally go. But in the end, the results are impressive. Temperance. Patience. Wisdom. It's totally worth it.

     Because I've been on "the taffy puller" this summer, I'm able to see from His perspective that timing is everything. I'm able to savor the wait, be patient while the opportunity ripens, and be at peace during this process.



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