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Friday, August 12, 2011


     There' a ton of stuff you can do as a momma that burns calories and helps keep you in shape! I'm actually benefiting from the daily explosion of Cheerios in my living room because vacuuming burns 238 calories an hour! Who knew? I just found this great website - that lists all kinds of mommy activities and the corresponding calorie count burned. Plus, you can even see what kind of fast food you might eat that would require that many calories burned... not that I eat fast food. Ever.

     There's more to keeping the calories burning than just staying busy though. You have to eat... like constantly. It's what you eat though that helps you loose weight. When your body is fed every couple of hours, it keeps the furnace going (like an engine on a train), so your metabolism is and up and moving. I've heard this for years but I've always found it impossible to eat as many times as most experts advise, until recently that is. I'm sure you other moms out there are running to the fridge/pantry a million times a day getting juice, goldfish, water, more goldfish, and so on. This summer I started keeping a bag of baby carrots opened and right on the top shelf on the refrigerator door. Every time I open the fridge, I eat two carrots! It's keeping my energy going, keeping the hunger away, and it's helping me focus on work instead of feeling hungry and distracted.

     Now I'm not one for scales, they're just too moody for me. But I do pay attention to how my clothes fit and I can see a difference after a month of carrots and cleaning. So, if you are feeling the blah's about your looks and just can't seem to find the time or motivation to get to the gym, I encourage you to get your house in order and start cleaning! You and your house will be in shape in no time!

(Bonus! I just read that knitting/crocheting burns 103 calories an hour! Sweet!) 

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