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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


      If you haven't already joined's Amazon Mom program, today is the day to do it! Hurry on over to Amazon and sign up! Search for Amazon Mom and join the program. You'll receive FREE super saver shipping on qualifying purchases. When you're done there, go to their Facebook page and register to win a $1,000 gift card! Be sure to leave a comment telling them what you'd do with the winnings!

Good Luck!!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011



Today I read Ecclesiastes 11:10. I've read it before, but today I heard "Keep your body healthy" for the first time. I've been through some serious internal struggles lately and I know that working out and weight issues are at the center of my troubles. I still hadn't done anything about it though... until a few days ago. I've been praying that God would help me know what to do. My health has not been so good for the past few weeks and I know He's trying to motivate me to get up and do something already. But, I wasn't sure what to do. My mind gets bored really easily, so I didn't want to go back to the gym and try to force myself to like the treadmill, weights, stair climber, et.all. I hate that stuff. I feel like a gerbil on a wheel and all the skinny people are laughing at me. Bleh. No thanks. I tried Tae Kwon Do a year or two ago. I enjoyed it, and I moved up a belt and broke a board - thank you very much! But, we moved away from my Sen Sei and I haven't been back since.

     And then it happened... I was watching tv one night (my husband had long since fallen asleep beside me), and a commercial came on that I've never seen before. It was for The 10 Minute Trainer Program. You mustn't forget that TIME is a huge issue for me... I have 4 children and I'm married. So, I'm a busy lady! But the 10 Minute Trainer Program is only 10 minutes each day! So... I jumped on it, picked up the phone, and ordered it! I was a little scared I would lose interest or something to that effect, but this time everything about it feels different. I'm different. I know I need this. I want this. God is calling me to action. I must do it.

     So, my package arrived yesterday afternoon amidst all the hustle and bustle of 3 children at home, naps, lunch, diaper doody, and so on. And it sat there, unopened until 9:30 last night. I walked by it all day, just wondering when I would even get the chance to peek inside! Well, I decided to put the couponing and blogging on hold for an evening and see what was in store for me. So, I opened the box.

     I had to do something I have NEVER. Repeat, N.E.V.E.R. been willing to do. I had to photograph myself. Front, back, sideways, all the ugly parts. Uncovered. Out in the open. Ugh. And there it is... *Sigh* Ok, so that's done, now what? I had to measure myself with the (tiny in my opinion) tape measure they included. Seems like it could have been a little bit longer... geez. We get it, I'm fat. I still need to know how fat. Ok, so that's done, now what? I have to put all those embarassing and revealing bits of information on the internet! Of course!!! What else would I do with all that private stuff but post it for the entire frickin' world to see?! So, I did it. I really did. I did mark my profile for "buddies" only because well, this is 2011 and there are some nuts out there, but for those who will befriend me on this journey all my yuck is out there for you to see. And, also I'll just go ahead and apologize that you have to see it! LOL! Anyway, I'm half way through day one. I've followed the workout and dietary plan with a minor change to my morning snack since I haven't been to the store for fresh fruit.

     Keep your body healthy. It's a command. I never knew it, but it's in there. In black and white. In the Old Testament. Wow. I didn't realize I was disobeying God by being unhealthy. So, I'm doing what I feel I need to do to correct that.

     And for those of you who are DYING to see my before pictures... well, you're just going to have to wait until I don't look anything like that. When I'm closer to my goal I'll do a reveal. Until then, um, well, I have to see some of you folks and look you in the eye at PDO and Target and stuff, so I'm just gonna wait on that. :)

     In the meantime, I'll keep you posted on my progress, journey, and all that stuff. If you'd like more information about this program or you'd like to join and you need a buddy, just click here. This isn't an affiliate link. I'm not being paid to advertise this program nor will I gain any benefit if you join. I'm just sharing my personal story and inviting you along. :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011


     I've been needing to address this issue for a while. I live in a town where none of the grocery stores double or triple coupons. We do have a Target and they stack (manufacturer + store coupon). So, I've had to adapt the couponing process to fit my area's stores' policies. I've made a Couponing 101 tab (above) so you can see how I make couponing work for me.

     I'm not the standard Extreme Couponer. What I know though, is that this method pays off. I save myself time and money every time I shop and I'm keeping more in my pocket book each time. My last shopping trip, I saved around 60% off my total bill. It's a process though, and I'm constantly tweeking my methods, so please feel free to comment if you have anything you'd like to suggest!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


     Tonight, for the first time ever, I showed my stockpile to a stranger. Two strangers, actually. And, I felt a little weird doing it too. I was selling something on Craigslist and somewhere in the conversation, couponing came up (of course), and they asked to see my stockpile. So, I did it. I opened up my cabinets and showed them my stockpile of Dr. Peppers, brownie mix, taco shells, pasta sauce, and my toothpaste, Tide, and Cascade towers.

     At first, I was excited to show off my goodies, but then, standing there across the room looking at them, they seemed kinda puny. I'm not quite as bigtime as those ladies on Extreme Couponing, but my stockpile is growing. I've also been lucky enough to stash my stockpile in different cabinets throughout the house so I don't look like much of an extreme couponer when you're staring at my little shelf in the garage.

     My family would beg to differ though. To them, I'm almost a toothpaste hoarder. I think any Dentist would be proud of my stash. But, regardless, I see room for improvement, and as the case may be, more of most everything. So, this week, I'm going to find the best deals I can and stock up! That's pretty much my mantra every week, but this week it's different. This week I have a new fire in mah belleh (sorry, Austin Powers reference), and I'm going to get moving on the hoarding stockpiling with a new verve.

     I'll report back with my findings. Oh, and by the way.... this weekend, I scored my biggest discount ever at Target! My total was $149 and with my couponing skillz, I got it down to $67. An $81 savings! Woohoo!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


     I've talked about Smiley-360 before, and I've told you how much fun it is to be a part of the Smiley community. Today, in the mail, I received my official Collector's Edition Mickey Mouse Band-Aid tin with 20 free Band-Aids inside. My girls love Mickey Mouse, although I must confess, I'm the original Mouseketeer in our household. :)  I just love Disney World and Mickey Mouse. So, when I was offered the Mickey Mouse Band-Aid Mission from Smiley-360, it was a no-brainer. Of course, I would love to try their Mickey Band-Aids and tell about my experience! Woohoo! I was a little bummed when I opened my package today and couldn't find a single cut, scratch, or scrape to put a Band-Aid on though. The bandages are so cute and my whole family is anxiously awaiting a boo boo so we can use them!

     Not only are the Mickey Band-Aids quality bandages, they are super cute and feature the Classic Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. I will definitely be going to the store to stock up on more Mickey Band-Aids for my collector's tin as soon as we use these.
      If you're not a member of Smiley-360, you've gotta join. I've received FREE full size products like Country Crock, Dr. Scholl's Custom Orthotic Inserts, a Sleep Number Travel Pillow, and more. I love getting FREE products, but I especially love getting the full size QUALITY products that Smiley-360 sends out! If you'd like to start doing your own Try & Tell's, then click here to sign up.


Monday, October 10, 2011


Walmart is now offering Layaway! This is a great option for moms with very curious children! Keep your items at Walmart while you make payments on them! No more hiding gifts in the top of your closet or under your bed! Just keep them in Layaway until the holidays. 



Today only, Barnes & Noble is offering 20% off of one item! If you are shopping online today, enter code: M9U7B7C at checkout. Click here to print a coupon to use in-store. Sale items do not include the NOOK.



Happy Columbus Day! Carter's is having a big sale today!

Don't miss this one!



The Children's Place is having a HUGE Columbus Day sale today! Be sure to get stocked up on their clearance items while you are there too! They have super cute winter hats for under $10. Check out this hot pink cable knit Fedora! Love it!!!

I LOVE The Children's Place! Their clothes are timeless and high quality. I have 4 girls and my 15 month old is wearing clothes from TCP that we purchased for our 7 year old when she was 18 months old. These outfits have been through 4 different children and still look great!

Print out this 20% off coupon and take it with you to the store. Apply it to sale and clearance items for an even better deal! If you are shopping online, use code E2F2011 at checkout. PLUS, shipping is FREE today only! No code needed!!!



Totsy has Melissa & Doug toys for under $10! Hurry on over to Totsy and get yours before they sell out! The sale expires in 24 hours, so join Totsy now if you haven't already.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This morning I went to back to Target and purchased the following for only $10.85! 

8 - 1.25L Dr. Pepper ($.50 ea after $1/2 Dr. Pepper in store peelie) 

4 - Aquafresh Extreme Clean travel toothpastes (FREE after $1/1 RP 9/11) 

5 - Crest Complete travel toothpastes (FREE after $2/1 SS 9/11) 

1 - Transformers Dark of the Moon Figurine (FREE after $5/1 Target Mobile coupon 10/3) 

1 - Ben & Jerry's Volun-Tiramisu Ice Cream Pint ($2.28 but oh so worth it! ;) 

1 - Hello Kitty Hair Brush ($2.60 on clearance) 

1 - 40ct. Huggies Natural Care wipes ($.97 - I'm a sucker for Pooh & Tigger) 

2 - Cover Girl Blushes ($3.48 ea. FREE after $8/1 PG 10/2) 

1 - Box of Whales crackers ($1 in dollar section)

     I noticed while I was in the makeup section that Cover Girl eyeshadow and blush falls within the $4 range, so I'm going back later with more $8/2 coupons to stock up!


Monday, October 3, 2011


     I have something very important to tell you. Something that will change your life. Something unforgettable and frankly, it's a no-brainer. The Target Debit Card. Do you have one? Would you like to save 5% on every purchase, regardless of what you buy or if it is on sale or not? Would you like to continue to use a debit card for your purchases instead of a credit card? Well, guess what? Target now offers a debit card that links directly to your bank account and earns you 5% off every purchase you make at Target when you use it. Could saving money BE any easier? I think not. It's really easy to get one too. Just bring a cancelled check with you to the checkout. In a minute or two you'll have 5% off your purchase plus a pretty little shiny red Target card en route to your mailbox!

     Now, on to other interesting finds from my shopping trip at Target this evening. Last week I found coupons for $5 off $5.99 or more Transformer purchase at Toys 'R Us. Today, I received a Target mobile coupon on my phone for $5 off a Transformer Dark of The Moon toy. I could have used both of the coupons to get two FREE small Transformer toys, but I stacked them and purchased an $11.99 toy for $1.99! Yes, my husband was very excited about his new toy even though it was a Decepticon. :)

     I also have a small stack of $2 any Crest Complete toothpaste from the 9/11 SS. I used 3 to purchase $.97 travel size Crest toothpastes and one toward a 6oz Crest Complete that was on sale for $2.99. The $3.09 overage made the full size Crest FREE!

      In the toy section I discovered an isle end cap with Elmo Play Doh sets on clearance for $8.98. Elmo Talks! It's a great tool for teaching little ones their shapes and colors as well as counting.

      There is a $5 off Monopoly coupon in the 9/11 SS. Target has their U-Build Monopoly sets on clearance for $7.24, making it only $2.24 after the coupon! A great Christmas present!

     For those of you who know me, you know I'm a Dr.Pepper addict. It's not pretty. But, today, it was CHEAP! My 3 year old found a $1/2 20oz. Dr. Pepper coupon at United last week. She brought me 4! Such a good little shopper already! Tonight, I found 1 liter Dr.Peppers for $.99! I wasn't sure if the coupon would work at the register so, I only took two to the front. It worked and I'm going back tomorrow for more coupons and more $.50 1 liters!