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Sunday, October 16, 2011


     Tonight, for the first time ever, I showed my stockpile to a stranger. Two strangers, actually. And, I felt a little weird doing it too. I was selling something on Craigslist and somewhere in the conversation, couponing came up (of course), and they asked to see my stockpile. So, I did it. I opened up my cabinets and showed them my stockpile of Dr. Peppers, brownie mix, taco shells, pasta sauce, and my toothpaste, Tide, and Cascade towers.

     At first, I was excited to show off my goodies, but then, standing there across the room looking at them, they seemed kinda puny. I'm not quite as bigtime as those ladies on Extreme Couponing, but my stockpile is growing. I've also been lucky enough to stash my stockpile in different cabinets throughout the house so I don't look like much of an extreme couponer when you're staring at my little shelf in the garage.

     My family would beg to differ though. To them, I'm almost a toothpaste hoarder. I think any Dentist would be proud of my stash. But, regardless, I see room for improvement, and as the case may be, more of most everything. So, this week, I'm going to find the best deals I can and stock up! That's pretty much my mantra every week, but this week it's different. This week I have a new fire in mah belleh (sorry, Austin Powers reference), and I'm going to get moving on the hoarding stockpiling with a new verve.

     I'll report back with my findings. Oh, and by the way.... this weekend, I scored my biggest discount ever at Target! My total was $149 and with my couponing skillz, I got it down to $67. An $81 savings! Woohoo!



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