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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Not shown: 2-24pk Bottled Water, 2-64oz. Ocean Spray Juice, 2pks Eclipse Gum, 2-16oz Sprites,
5 single serve Blue Bunny Ice Creams, 1 single Horizon Chocolate Milk, 2 small Wet Ones Packs

     I just got back from Amarillo and do I have some goodies to show you! I went to Albertsons this morning and spent a couple of hours there going up and down pretty much every isle. I was armed with my trusty coupon binder, my black box/clipboard thingy, and my backlog of Smart Source, Red Plum, and Proctor & Gamble inserts for the last two months. I was ready to do business.

     I'll be really honest and let you know that things don't always go according to the "coupon plan". I did some research on current Albertsons deals and went in armed with my list, corresponding coupons, and a plan. But, something was terribly wrong with the store... all the prices I had were wrong! Ugh, somebody (me, actually) looked up last weeks specials and planned according to deals that have already expired. Rookie mistake, I know. In my defense, I was riding in a car with 4 yelling children and my husband, mr.inquisition, while I was researching.

     Well, lo and behold, I finally realized what was going on, so I had to back track and replace the overpriced items that would have been a steal last week! So there I was, ground zero with an unhappy husband and 4 small, but very loud, auditioners for the next American Idol. Oh my goodness, I wasn't sure I could salvage the trip, but my reputation was at stake. I mean, how could I come back and not report great savings to you all? So, I did what any other couponing mom would do in the same situation, I bucked up and rolled with it. Also, somewhere in there was a prayer of "Oh Lord, H.E.L.P!"

     Two hours later, I parked at the register with one and a half carts full of stuff. Brand name stuff. Yummy stuff. Stuff I'm excited to prepare for my family. And then the dreaded scanning began. If you've ever watched a couponing show, you know the chill of that moment when the subtotal is read aloud. There's panic in the room. The couponer questions always themselves and wonders, "Did I calculate all this correctly? Is that the right number?"

     I am happy to say, that I was able to walk out of the store with $80 in coupon savings and more in weekly sales. My total out of pocket was $147.85. It's a lot higher than what I wished I had paid, but this particular Albertsons stopped doubling coupons, so they didn't go as far as I would have liked. But, on a positive note, my pantry is completely stocked and I'm a few canned goods away from needing a second storage shelf in the garage. Yay me! :)

     I'm including some closeups so you can see all the brands, sizes, and layers to my haul. I didn't even realize how much there was until I was setting up this picture.

Brownie Mix $1, Crispix & Fruit Loops $1, Ortega Shells $1.19
Pancake mix $.44, Pasta $1, Oatmeal $1.59

Ragu $1.59, Lima beans $1.09, Baby food $.75, GUM Floss $1.75, CapriSun $2
Pop Secret $1, Maple Syrup $1.29, Oreos $0 - FREE!

     If you see a second level, the item is stacked on another like item. There are no risers under these groceries! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, those Oreos right there, yeah, I won those. They were FREE. The store had a Yahtzee game going and I did a scratch and win that came with my receipt... WOOT! Also, just a note for couponers, I only used coupons from the Sunday paper and a few I found in the store.

     I hope this little haul of mine inspires you to keep pushing forward on saving money, even when you make a blunder here and there. Just keep going and your hard work will be rewarded. As for me, I enjoyed a "Mommy is awesome" chant most of the ride home. Can't beat that!


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decemberhill said...

This is an awesome trip! Albertsons is so discouraging to me! Great inspiration!

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