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Friday, August 19, 2011


The Smell O' Rama Isle

     Everyone knows there's an entire isle (well, almost) dedicated to cans of ozone-depleting perfumes that may or may not cause an allergic reaction to your dog or children labelled as "air freshener" or "stink eliminator". Well, I admit, I have been suckered in by their claims of bringing Hawaii to my bathroom or making it a perpetual Christmas in my kitchen. I'm sure you've tried a few brands and had more than one epic stank failure as I have. Well, citizens of the stinky world, I have obtained revelatory news that is not sponsored by anyone other than my happy smiling family.

The De-Stinker

     I found a great little coupie in the newspaper a few weeks ago for a Febreeze with Gain. I'm not a Gain user. I'm a Tide girl. Not the Crimson Tide mind you, wash your mouth out with soap! This girl is an Auburn fan! But, I digress... I prefer Tide detergent, so I was a little leery about trying a new smell. But, like I said, had a great little coupie for $1 off 1 Febreeze, any variety. And, it just so happened that my WM had a little Febreeze To Go in their travel size isle for $.97, so I snagged it for FREE not knowing what I'd use it for.

     Well, it wasn't 24 hours later and I was in need of said de-stinker. Oh man, it was reeeeeally bad. I'm talking burnt into your memory bad. Well, read for yourself... This is a letter I wrote to P&G and boy, did they have it coming...

I just wanted to THANK YOU for making this product! We have 4 children, a 7yo, 3yo, 2yo, and 1yo. Last week our Suburban was intolerable. My husband cleaned it out. Detailed it actually, but he couldn't clean the carpet. So, it smelled yucky in there. Like REALLY yucky. After all his hard work, it was still gross to be in there. Until I remembered the Febreeze w/ Gain I had just purchased the day before. I sprayed it on all the carpet from front to back and then on some of the plastic/leather surfaces as well. I left the two front windows cracked b/c I sprayed A LOT. The next day we were leaving for a road trip and when I opened the door I was expecting to choke on perfumed stink. But I was AMAZED. Seriously, A.M.A.Z.E.D. Not only was the stink gone, but there was a very light pleasant Gain smell lingering (but not overpowering). I am now a forever customer. Thank you for saving our road trip and making me a hero in our family!  :)
Happy Car Girls!
Don't worry, they are all happy. No one is crying or holding their breath!

        What a great review, right? Well, they deserved it. Febreeze with Gain works. It really works. I encourage you to try it for yourself. Do your own little Try and Tell and report back here with a comment telling me what happened. I'll award the best Try and Tell some Febreeze coupons!


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