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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     School is just about to start and boy what a mess we've made around here this summer! A simple task like moving the computer to a different wall in the living room turned into a 5 hour task! I didn't realize how much stuff I had tucked away here and there. And of course, everything has to come out before you can organize. I call it making a mess to clean one up. At about 1 a.m. my living room looked like Hobby Lobby had thrown up all over the place. Where did I get all this yarn? Why do I have 6 pairs of scissors, and why can't I ever find one single pair when I need them? I also discovered that my sister in law is a stinkin' genius (shout out to Carla H.)! I've been stockpiling school supplies and it's been sorta crazy keeping everything from the little ones, until last night that is. My super smart SIL gave all of my girls a clear tub with a lid that she decorated with their names. And last night I found the perfect use for them... school supplies! Now each child has their own resource tub for the year. No more fighting or school supply jealousy. Thanks Carla!!!

     I also realized another very important thing when I woke up this morning... My life in general has become cluttered. So, I made two lists. The first list was all the projects around my house that require mommy hands (organizing shoes, backpacks, winter wardrobes, etc.). The second list was more abstract, an internal "To-Do" list. I'll be blogging about each item on this list in a new series I'm calling "Put Your House In Order." My first post is about taking care of yourself. (ha!) Sorry, I had to laugh. That seems like such an unrealistic topic for moms. But trust me, it's true and you are worth it. So check back tomorrow for more details!


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Terri said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past few days. I have awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you stop by my page an except the award :)


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