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Monday, September 26, 2011


Huggies Coupons and Downy Sample from Manufacturers website giveaways.

     Today in my mailbox I received two Huggies coupons, a Downy sample and a ton of coupons... from eBay!

     I'm an eBay addict. I admit it. It is so cool finding something you like, bidding on it, then fighting for it at the last minute, and maybe, just maybe, winning it. It's hunting and gathering in the 21st Century. This is what's so cool about buying coupons on eBay. First of all, you have the thrill of the chase. You can't get that on a coupon clipper site. Secondly, you can bid on a huge quantity of coupons for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. And, finally, you get feedback on eBay, so you're a lot less likely to get scammed.

     Granted, it's maybe a little more time consuming, but who eBay's when they don't have time to spare??? But, the best part is... scoring high dollar rare or hard to find coupons. I received around $60 in coupons in the mail today. I paid approximately $6 for all of them.

     Yes, I know, 30 packages of Charmin is a little bit EXTREME. I'll give you that. But, I probably won't use them all for myself. I'll stock up, then I'll use the rest to trade online, share with family and close friends, and the rest I'll either use in giveaways or I'll leave on the shelf while I'm being the Coupon Fairy. ;)  In all, I think it's a great investment to bless so many folks with just a couple of dollars and stock up for your family at the same time. That's my idea of Extreme Couponing!

     To get started couponing on eBay, you need an eBay id. If you already have one, great! You are ready to go. If not, you'll want to set up an account and be sure to set up a PayPal account as well so you'll be able to pay for whatever you purchase.

     Once you're a member, search for your favorite brands or hard to find coupons. Sometimes you'll get swamped with tons of listings, sometimes there's nothing. It's sort of hit and miss. Again, it's eBay. It's the thrill of the chase. Once you've located listings for the coupons you are interested in, view them all before you start bidding.

     You'll want to see where the sellers are located, their seller scores/feedback ratings, the shipping costs, turnaround time, and the expiration date on the coupons. The expiration date is probably the #1 most important piece of information you are looking for. If the coupon expires within a week, you probably want to skip it unless you can communicate with the seller to arrange for a speedy delivery.

     Secure your coupons through the "Buy It Now" feature, or bid as high as you are willing to go. Don't forget! eBay will automatically bid for you up to the highest amount you are willing to pay. Take advantage of this feature and you will win more auctions. Be sure to check your email the day the auction ends. eBay will email you if you are outbid. Most experienced bidders will wait until the last 60 seconds to snatch a deal away from you by submitting a higher bid. If the item is important to you, monitor the countdown and be prepared to up your bid to win.

Happy Bidding!


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