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Friday, September 9, 2011


     Quilters Unite! I just discovered this awesome charity that makes quilts for sick and hospitalized children. Their website is so awesome. They even provide you with quilt patterns and the materials if you need them. Anyone out there making quilts and don't know what to do with them? Donate them to Quilts For Kids. You'll be making someone feel very special and very comforted. Find a local chapter and join.

     Know a special kid who could use a quilt? Just visit this page and fill out the necessary information and you'll be connected with people who can help you.

     This past year our youngest was hospitalized for a few days for failure to thrive. It was such a scary time for me as a mom. I couldn't hold her like I wanted to. I just had to sit there and watch her lay in her special crib. Thankfully, University Medical Center in Lubbock has an amazing Children's area and they were able to provide her with toys to entertain her and make her feel more at home. It was because of those toys and the wonderful doctors and nurses that my husband and I were able to remain positive in such a heart wrenching situation. You can be that support and comfort for a family in need. Just use the skills, talent, and passion that God gave you to create something more than just a blanket.



Amy said...

1. I had no idea you were back into blogging. YAY! I'm going to follow you. or wait, did I know that? I don't know...I'm going to follow you now. :)

2. I had no idea your daughter was in the hospital. It's a scary feeling as a mom. That's when God quickly reminds me, "these are MY children, Amy. You are just teaching them about me for now"

3. A charity like this does mean the world to families. When our son passed away, the hospital gave us blankets in memory of our son. Even when our next son was born, they gave him a blanket in memory of his big brother. I now am working with a group of bereaving mothers to bring blankets and/or teddy bears to parents who bury small children or lose a child in pregnancy. Those hearts behind the quilts and the fingers that make them...May God bless them richly!

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