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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Image Courtesy: Country Saving Mommy

     Today was the dumpster diving day that couponers' dreams are made of. All the newspaper recycle bins in my area were overflowing with newspapers and, wait for it... coupons! Lots of coupons!!! I collected about 30 inserts (as in a complete insert, not one page), and my sweet husband brought home a handful from his day in the Texas Panhandle. Ah, true love.  :)

     While I was at my local recycle bin, I met a lady who lives in my area and she asked me if I was "dumpster diving". I said, "YES! Are you a dumpster diver too?" She said no, but that she wanted to get more into couponing and she is taking a class at the city Recreation Center. I wasn't aware that my local community center was offering these classes, and I'm so glad they are. Check your local Parks and Recreation websites and see if one is being offered in your area. It's a great way to meet other couponers in your area and hopefully you'll be able to set up a coupon trading community local to you. How great would it be to drive a few blocks and pick up all the coupons you need clipped nicely in exchange for ones you don't need?!

     Back to my story... I was so excited to share with her all that I have been learning so I gave her my blog address. She asked me to excuse the directness of her next question, "This is great and all, but what's in it for you?" I knew the answer I wanted to give her but I hesitated, because it never occurred to me that someone would ask that question about sharing savings and deals. I guess that's the small town showing in me. I told her the same thing I'm going to tell you...

     I'm in this for my family. I need to help my family. I need to help my husband by stretching the dollars he works so hard for. I need to help my children understand the value of a dollar and the importance of frugality. I need to help my community, my church. I want to help other moms make their dollars stretch and thereby relieving some of the stress and strain that financial hardships can put upon a family, a marriage. Lastly, I want to be a go-between. I want to help manufacturers know what we moms think of their products and services. I want to help improve the way they produce for us. I want to help moms... parents... women speak and be heard by the big corporations. That being said, I have chosen to participate in affiliate programs with a few of the vendors whose links are on my website. I do receive some benefit from the click throughs and purchases that happen as a result of those click throughs. But, I believe it's a good trade off, you receive helpful honest information, the corporations recieve useful feedback and a ground zero voice reaching out to the community, and I am able to make a few dollars here and there to help my family with our finances.

     That does not mean, the content provided on my blog is driven by manufacturers or special interest groups. I am completely honest with you about all my personal opinions and I disclose any benefit these businesses bestow upon me for sharing my experiences (coupons, free trials, samples, etc.). So, have no fear, I am just like you, a mom, a wife, a woman; blogging, sharing, living life and reporting back to you.  :)




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