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Thursday, September 15, 2011


How much are we willing pay for pieces of a laptop?

I scored an HP Touchpad! Yes, I did! I found it on Craigslist and I bought it. And then... I sold it. "For a profit?" you may ask. Well, a tiny one, but that's Ebay's fault. I actually wanted to keep it when I bought it. That's why I got it in the first place. And oh, I was so very excited to be "that girl" who scored a Touchpad. People stared at me as I walked around with it. I felt special. I felt elitist. I felt "in." And then, about 2 days later, I felt sorry.

     Well, let's just get one thing straight... I love technology. Gadgets are awesome, and the thinner, smaller, and lighter, the better. Right? Well, not so much. See, I'm a blogger (hence this blog), and I'm a tweeter, and a forum groupie. But the Touchpad is great for all that high-techy stuff. Right? Well, maybe. Actually, not really at all in my opinion. And yes, I know. Droid is a'comin' blah-dy blah. I don't care. Why?

     I'm a right clicker. A wha? A right c-l-i-c-k-e-r. I'm addicted to the right click. I can't be a Mac girl because there's no right click.(Let's be clear, there IS a right click, but the Mac OS functionality of that right click is so very limited and meager compared to the Windows' right click, it's not worth even acknowledging) Everything is backwards, upside down, and inside out in Mac world (comparatively speaking). I don't like it. Try as I might, not even a bit (aside from the rockin' graphics, I mean). But I digress, the biggest thing that the Touchpad taught me was as a result of something it couldn't do. Right click. And, yes, the whole blogging on an unanchored keyboard is a nightmare for a blogger, but what's the value of typing in a hen-pecking world? Everyone is convinced we'd all like to chicken peck our messages or take 4x more time to email, blog, chat, tweet, what have you. Why? Because "they" said we like it more. See the smiling faces on the über savvy peeps in the Touchpad/Ipad commercials? They are all so happy to be reduced to one handed pecking motions.

     Ok, I know, there are those of us out there who are SO excited to FINALLY own a tablet like Dr. Beverly Crusher (Star Trek reference, sorry). But, it's true. The tablet is history made in my lifetime. Star Trek technology right here in my messenger bag. But then the shiny wears off and I'm left hen-pecking this fabulously over exaggerated iPod.

     So, I faced my fear of buyer's-turned-seller's remorse and I sold it. Yep, put it up on Ebay and let the free market decide what it is worth. I'll not be telling you what the free market says that is... I'm not a fan of hate-mail. But, I'll say this, it afforded me a nice little budget for a used Sony Vaio T7100. With a DVD/ROM. And WiFi. Also, it rocks. Did I say that? And my favorite part? Yep, you guessed it, right-clicking!

Clickity click click...

All opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone. I have not been paid by Sony to sell laptop propaganda in a tablet world. Also, thanks for the Sony pics. The Touchpad image source is unknown.


Hoodedthis said...

"I can't be a Mac girl because there's no right click"

Actually there is. Macintosh operating systems have right clicks.

"Everything is backwards, upside down, and inside out in Mac world"

This is only since you are conformed to Windows. The Windows OS is not a standard, which operating system should follow.

That clarified, I agree that Mac is designed to look good, even if that meant not being so handy. That is why I use Linux, since I can have aesthetic appeal, customizability and utility.

Hot Pink N Choc said...

Thanks for stopping by, and your comment. To me, a Windows girl, the limited right click options on a Mac vs. Those available to Windows users constitutes no USEFUL right click options, even if they do exist in a limited form.

Truly, I do appreciate the intelligence behind the Mac OS. My post was exuding tongue in cheek speaking and exagerration for humorous benefit. :)

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