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Monday, November 21, 2011


We all know that Friday is BLACK FRIDAY and Monday is CYBER MONDAY. And, the marketing geniuses won't let us forget that they are planning to blow our minds with deals galore. I've seen several deals at a few stores that I just can't forget about.

I've also seen a lot of grocery deals that I'm chomping at the bit to get after. I'm SO excited about the prospect of exponentially growing my stash this season.

But, something weird happened to me the other day when I was reading about all these deals I was supposed to be summarizing for my column in the AJ.

I was getting so excited about ALL the freebies this week and so anxious that I wanted to run out the door right away and get to shopping. But, my anxiousness was followed by a bit of stress because my grocery budget is pretty much drained until next Friday. And, I want to take advantage of all these deals.

That's when the weird thing happened. I stopped. I stepped back from the situation and realized that the urgency and stress I was feeling was what I was supposed to be feeling... according to the marketers at these establishments. But why?

Because, I MUST NOT MISS ANY OF THESE DEALS! At least, that's what my head is screaming.

But, my heart is saying, "Do I NEED these things?"

And, there it is. The weird thing. The clincher.

The truth... No. I don't need these things. I would LIKE these things. I might need them in the future. But, today? No. Not today. Tomorrow? No. Not tomorrow.

So, the anxiety disappears and a sound mind resurfaces.

My point... Don't get sucked into the panic, stress, and anxiety of this season of shopping. Do what you can. Take advantage of the deals that you have the means to, but know when to say when. Don't let yourself get so wrapped up in the shopping season that you miss the purpose and the fun of it. :)



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